1. For a child seeking withdrawl from the institution, an application for the same should reach the Principal's Office before 31st March.
  2. Six months fee will be charged for withdrawl during mid-session.
  3. Transfer Certificate will be issued ONLY on submission of an application to that effect AND on clearance of all dues payable to the school.
  4. School admission can be terminated on the following grounds :
    1. Indiscipline
    2. Unsatisfactory progress/performance.
    3. Long absence.
    4. Non-Payment of dues in time
    5. Detention in the same class for the second time.
    6. Association with bad character.
  5. In case any student is found not upto the mark in studies/Discipline/Conduct, by the School Teachers/Principal, he/she will be asked to leave the institute without prior and a T.C will be issued with immediate effect.